We began, interestingly, when Bill Lougheed, a young professor at Ryerson's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, recognized a dearth of executive recruitment specializing in the hospitality industry. So he did what any good pioneer does: Bill launched Lougheed Group and began to make a difference in how the search for great people was transformed. That was over 35 years ago.

Throughout his tenure as Chairman of the Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Management School and while receiving awards* from his peers for the exceptional standards that Bill created, Lougheed Group had been the recruitment arm for the finest hospitality executives in Canada.

It is natural, then, when Bill wanted to spend more time on the golf course, he would hand the reins over to a man he knew personally; a man Bill trained and mentored thoroughly. That man is Niall Mellors, Bill's son. Niall is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate of Ryerson's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Niall worked side by side with Bill Lougheed, learning every nuance of the trade, how to do the job properly, in confidence and with the utmost integrity. What wouldn't we all give for an apprenticeship like that?!

In the meantime, lurking on the horizon was Luke Mellors. That's right, son and brother and also a graduate of Ryerson's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Luke gained tremendous strength as a corporate and strategic leader on the operator side of hospitality in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

He earned his way to executive positions with the Dorchester Group and Hilton's head office in Florida, just to name a couple. But it was time for Luke to come home to Toronto and join his brother
at Mellors, Exceptional Hospitality Recruitment Services. A Bill Lougheed Legacy Company.
Today, Mellors is building on Bill's shoulders; mentoring is our middle name.

Mellors has been and is the birthplace of future executives through the mentoring of the most talented students coming out of our colleges and universities.

Please stay tuned in. Niall and Luke's 5-year plan is compelling. It will impress.

* Awards to Bill Lougheed
  • Canadian Tourism Silver Medallion, Government of Canada, 1984
  • Honorary Member of the Ontario Hotel and Motel Association, 1990
  • Educator Award, Ontairo Hostelry Institute Gold Award, 1992
  • William F. Lougheed Hospitality and Tourism Management Scholarship Ryerson University Established 2006