A Letter to
Our Invaluable Clients,
Our Future Clients,
And the Talent We Foster.

In a world where companies strive to differentiate themselves, Mellors already has a long history of differentiation because of one ideal and one man of immense character. Bill Lougheed. It was always very personal with Bill... integrity... the cornerstone of his business.

Today, we are optimizing our core values and moving upwards with very exciting 2-year and 5-year plans. We're already quickly approaching the time when great talent will not be growing on the proverbial trees. We will dominate the talent pool, and that's a promise.

With you, we'll determine skills and competencies, inherently 'get' the culture of your company, search our highly-targeted talent channels, place enormous value on your needs, find effective solutions, and continue always to define, refine, align.

We're very strategic in how we manage people needs... our process and a couple of family secrets have served us remarkably well for years.

Niall and Luke Mellors

Now, we're driving growth -- it's in our blood. Mellors is genuinely a people company in a people business, and we couldn't be more energized by the journey ahead.

Hospitality, in all its disciplines, is the name of our game.

Luke Mellors                   Niall Mellors

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