The magic link between
Person and Position.

Try as hard as some people do, there are no solutions without the process, and it is through the process that we effectively succeed.

"If you can't describe what
you are doing as a process,
you don't know what you're doing."

W. Edwards Deming

Phase 1


  • Meet with the client face to face to determine their needs, timing
  • Match responsibilities, objectives, and authority of candidate
  • Acknowledge challenges


  • Client culture
  • Talent competencies
  • Needs
  • Objectives of both client and talent


  • Vet all talent personally and face to face prior to submission
  • Utilize Mellors 'sourcing' channels for background information on talent
Phase 2


  • Present talent credentials to client
  • Identify further needs or reservations
  • Drive issues to the next step


  • Negotiate terms of offer


  • Maintain journey with talent and client
  • Determine the 'fit' to date at 30 days
  • Determine the 'fit' again before 90 days