Relevant Mellors works hard on being relevant. Relevant to the needs of our customers and to our candidates.

So when a professional from the industry suggested to us that we get involved in Outplacement and Career Transitioning we looked at it's relevance of it.

Motivated to bring to the forefront a service that companies and individuals alike can have confidence in that leads to minimum disruption, maximum support and empathy in less than optimum circumstances.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. There is a need and want for these services.

The Service

Outplacement Package

The Mellors outplacement package provides a series of services that are geared to quick and effective career transition for out placed workers of Hospitality companies. The package is available to Canadian Hospitality companies who are transitioning people in their organizations.

The services include:

Leadership Coaching

Recently Mellors identified a key partner in Leslie Bennett who provides leadership coaching services as well as providing the appropriate counseling and coaching elements that are important in life and career transitions of this nature. Leslie is not only a leadership coach but also hails from the hospitality industry as a professional and graduated from Ryerson's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

This blend of relevant services, coupled with industry knowledge & professional empathy is critical to the delivery and successful execution of these services Mellors now provide.