Talent is everywhere.

Sometimes you just need to dig a little.
And dig we do.

Our method is the Bill Lougheed method. Not a secret necessarily, but very definitely it's personal. Our access to such a pool of talent is part of the family recipe, however, click 'The Process' on our site, we give it (almost all) away.

We are particularly well known for finding talent in the hotel industry. Talent that was discovered by us years ago is still climbing the ladder of success... talent at the pinnacle of their careers, but we tell ourselves frequently not to take anything for granted -"don't get silly... reinforce, reinforce, reinforce".

Today, we have woken the proverbial hungry giant, and we're expanding our business. Of course, we've also searched and found tremendous talent in the foodservice, contract catering and corporate markets ...for years, it's just that now we're more gung ho.

You can expect to hear a buzz.

A buzz, particularly from the talent we so painstakingly foster that says 'put Mellors at the top of your list because the clients go to Mellors first'.

We find talent in every city, in every province, at every level, in every department.

"Of all the things I have done, the most vital Is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and pointing them towards a certain goal."
Walt Disney

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Mellors is absolutely professional, passionate and knowledgeable. They truly want their candidates to find the right fit!

David Bridgland
Bistro Manager / Sommelier
Private Club